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Happy Holidays!

First I want to apologize for this unedited blog. My editor and good friend Teri Couch is celebrating the holidays. I am dyslexic so please be kind and just hear the words and not see the imperfections!   AN ACT OF KINDNESS I remember some 23 years ago our son was scheduled for his second […]


Caregiving Recently, I have been working with caregivers and their families. Although most caregivers have a family system, it seems to always come down to two members of the system — the person in need of the care (the patient) and the caregiver. It is always difficult for the caregiver to factor in their own […]

Full Circle

Today’s blog is personal. Recently I had an issue with a client’s insurance, and I requested the assistance of the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office. After the review was completed, I received an email from Tom (a rep in the AG’s office) stating they were going to take my case and he would be in touch. […]

Marriage Therapy

Marriage The most important relationship in your life will be with your spouse. When a couple is married their fist family system’s task is to build a boundary around their relationship. This can be a difficult task for some, if one or both members of the relationship are enmeshed with one or both of their […]


TRANSITION: “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Synonyms: change, passage, move, transformation, conversion, metamorphosis, alteration, handover, changeover; segue, shift, switch, jump, leap, progression; progress, development, evolution, flux” “the transition from school to work” When in a difficult time of transition, therapy (individual, and or family ) can […]


CAN YOUR MARRIAGE SURVIVE AN AFFAIR? The answer is yes if you follow these therapeutic guidelines I learned in Marriage and Family Therapy School and in my 20 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist. 1. We are all capable of having an affair. We live in a very judgmental society. When we hear of […]

Valentines Day

Healing thoughts:  Self-Compassion – This Valentine Day, love your self, “the greatest love of all”! Oh My God!!!….Valentines day is upon us. Like Christmas,  It’s a special day when people demonstrate their love and receive love. For others, It can be the dreaded holiday to remind us just how lonely we feel.   It triggers […]

Help my child is graduating from High School!

Help my child is graduating from High School! Since it is that time of year I would like to talk a bit about high school graduation. Here is what I know for sure: It is up to the parents to launch the child into young adulthood. This is the most difficult task you will do […]


Holiday lessons I have learned from my many years as a Family Therapist. I remember when I was a young therapist working with a couple that was around the age I am now. This couple had disclosed to me that over the holidays they would be in Italy. As their children left the nest and […]

Children Remind Us to Treat Them With Care

Wash by Hand (Keep it soft)” This is the message which was left for me by my 11-year-old daughter on top of one of her favorite blankets. How innocent and cute. Kids have a way of assuming that you exist to answer their requests, to make their lives easier and better. Depending on the day […]